How Will Big Data Revolutionize Mobile App Development Industry?

March 23, 2018

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Remember the time when having a mobile phone in your pocket was a new and exciting feeling? As the technology advances over the years, phones have become an inevitable part of our life that has completely change the way we live or work. We rely on the apps installed on our phones to perform several tasks which involve the use of data. To get insights from the information generated every day by the users while using apps, data need to be analyzed, which is done by Big Data management. As data is growing rapidly, app developers need to make use of analytics to fuel app development process & make it a success. Let’s learn how Big Data technology will affect the mobile app development process.

Role of Big Data in App Development Strategy

Great mobile interactions and user engagement depend on the ability to analyze and deliver what user wants. Big data is known for its analytical potential, which is why organizations use it to evaluate powerful insights & make their business app a successful one. Here are some of the major points on how Big Data is revolutionizing the mobile app development market:

  • Customer-Driven Apps

The best app is not just the one that looks good or is free from bugs but most importantly, it must be able to meet the user needs. With the careful analysis of customer’s experience using Big Data analytics, all the sufficient information can be generated to develop greater customer-driven apps. Keeping the focus on what customers want, app developers can use Big Data to build a robust app that formulates the user-oriented ideas & deliver the best experience.

  • User Experience Analytics

There is no denial in the fact that the success of the app solely depends on how much your users love it. Big Data technology helps in understanding user’s behavior that will define a very detailed picture of what users expect from the app. Collective behavior analysis of all the users will give an idea on how the development team can use the data to build the app delivering how users want it to be. E.g. to use fitness apps like Runkeeper, functionalities such as calorie counters, pedometers, etc. need to be implemented to track, record or save data from the users’ workout sessions.

  • Mobile Advertising

Though there are many smart tools for marketing and advertising, Big Data helps in giving suggestions on what, where and how to target the audience. This approach is more accurate as it is done with proper analysis and can lead to an enormous increase in traffic. Wired says Big Data can access demographic data, patterns of purchase as well as social behavior to modify marketing messages based on what user is interested in now. It opens a whole new concept of using behavior-driven mobile advertising which seems quite promising.

  • Big Data for Future Mobile Apps

As the usage rate of mobile phones and tablets increases, the market value of mobile app will reach up to $189 billion, exceeding the quota of $100 billion by 2020. It demands the development of smart mobile apps closer to user experience perfection. The design and features of mobile app tend to be simple than that of computer apps. To attract the user’s interest without these features, Big Data shall be used to analyze what user wants from the app to create a profitable business app.

The power of Big Data is revolutionizing the digital world with information-driven enterprises where data are evaluated to make informed business decisions for the successful app development and eventually enhance the growth of the business. If your organization is not using Big Data, your competitors that use it are more likely to generate more revenues, improved customer experience, and enhanced enterprise-wide performance. Analyze the user needs with analytics to understand them better & deliver what they exactly want through your business app. Transform your app idea into best tangible business value with a robust mobile app incorporated with advanced Big Data technologies.


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