iOS Vs Android: Which Should You Choose to Build Your First App in 2020

December 11, 2019

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Four billion people and almost 3 billion are active mobile users. Isn’t that enough to say that you can’t ignore this market? If you don’t have a mobile app then it’s the time to get one. iOS and Android are the two leading platforms that are used nowadays. Which one you should choose for your business? iOS, Android or perhaps both.

It is not viable to depend on personal choices. Considering business needs and relevant factors, we’ve gathered data and compared different metrics that help you make the right decision.

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Android Vs iOS App Development – 5 Top Factors That Influence Your Decision  

1. Know Everything about Target Audience  

Before commencing the project, you must know who will use your application. To make your app a real success, you should know where your target audience belongs and what platform they use the most. Here are a few factors that help you in knowing more about your audiences.

iOS & Android Development Comparison based on  

a) Market Share 

As we know, Apple is the only manufacturer for iOS devices whereas multiple companies make devices for Android. Lower prices of Android have given it the lion’s share of the market. According to recent statistics, Android owns 75.66% of the market share whereas iOS has 19.23%. Thus, it makes Android a clear winner and a better choice for those who want to target mass audiences.

b) User Demographics 

The region where you are launching your app is crucial to make it work in the marketplace. If your audience is in Western Europe or North America, iOS app development is a great choice. Thanks to its security features, iOS has more penetration in the enterprise market and among affluent young audiences. Android is common among audiences in up-and-coming markets which includes regions like Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

2. Project Timelines  

How quickly you want to launch your app in the market? Your dedicated timeline plays an essential role in selecting the platform for your business. Android app development takes more time due to longer release cycles and device fragmentation. Besides, there are diverse Android devices thus, the application is tested on variant devices to ensure compatibility across different sizes and screen resolutions.

Although Apple owns all the hardware and software, iOS is becoming less standardized as compared to the past. With the introduction of the iPhone X series, iOS developers have more screen sizes and UI constraints than before.

While iOS apps are quicker to build, however, may take time to launch in the App Store due to strict regulations and quality expectations in place.

3. Monetization  

Monetization strategy is another influencing factor that determines which platform you should go to first. Each operating system has opposing monetization strategies. From a revenue standpoint, iOS apps make more money. Although it has lesser users than Android but generates 88% more revenue than the Google Play Store. So, if you want to generate revenue through a subscription model or in-app purchases, iOS is the more lucrative platform.

4. Budget  

The mobile app development cost comes down to the scope and complexity of applications. Larger and more complex mobile app development projects cost a little higher than others. With that said, if you are thinking to build a reliable mobile app that is compatible with several devices and OS versions, development requires more time and resources that incur higher costs.

5. Features  

What features you want to offer through your app? It plays a vital role while deciding. Android app development gives you more flexibility as it is open source, thus easy to customize while building features and functions that your target audience wants. However, due to the open environment, Android is susceptible to malware which makes it less secure than iOS apps. It is one of the main reasons that iOS app development is preferred more in the enterprise market.

Android or iOS – Which is the best platform to develop your first app? 

After analyzing all the significant factors, it’s easier to make an effective decision for your business. If you are a startup and thinking to target a niche audience then iOS app development is a smarter choice.

However, many entrepreneurs ask whether they should go for both platforms at the same time? The answer is No. This way, you can end up spending a lot more than expected and the desired product might not generate bigger figures as the thought of.

When is the right time to move onto the second platform? Success is the best measuring key. Once, your platform has hit a specific number of users, you can start targeting more users through the second platform. It will most likely increase the total number of users on the app.

Whichever platform you decide, it is imperative to know the pros and cons of every platform before development, enabling you to enjoy profits in a long run.


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